Friday, 19 May 2017

Welcome to the Diary of a Mad Retail Muppet (aka me)

Welcome to my first blog entry.

Unlike my previous blog, the title of which was something of a misnomer, I feel it's much more appropriate to refer to myself as a mad retail muppet, because, this is truly what I am. And when I say mad, I don't mean angry mad, I mean looney-bins mad.

So what do I hope to achieve here? Much more breadth of discussion and furtherance in my own personal financial journey while pulling no punches and calling things as I see them, with a view to hopefully assisting readers see through (and find humour in) the daily financial tomfoolery that seems to proliferate by the millisecond, whether from (supposed) reputable or non-reputable financial information sources.

The majority of my writings will be of observational in nature, and I hope to focus my efforts in an attempt to garner a better understanding of subjects such as valuation (whether stand alone or relative), behavioral finance, and portfolio management.

I will attempt to post all of my detailed work in arriving at my valuation observations, documenting my thought process and questions I have along the way.

Comments and criticisms are welcome.

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